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I’m Lauren!

I empower women
to rebuild their hormonal and metabolic health
 from the ground up, to achieve optimal body composition, brain function and natural vitality.


Virtual 1-1 sessions begin with a CHEK Movement Assessment to address postural and movement dysfunctions. Together we build a strength and conditioning program that fits your lifestyle, preferences and goals.


You have the power to transform your health and your life!  Together we can learn positive strategies to eliminate stress, hack your environment, and discover your unique genetic code!


Ready to take your fitness to the next level, but want to work out at your own pace? Choose from a variety of programs to meet your health and fitness needs.

Biohacker Babes Podcast

Empowering you to be your own Biohacker, and upgrade your life! Insight into optimizing your gut health, nutrition, metabolism, brain function, energy, libido, sleep, and so much more!

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Lauren is more than a trainer. I was fortunate to have her as my nutritionist when I was looking to shed some post-baby fat. Coming from a healthcare background, I was skeptical about her methods but they worked! With a fitness regimen, I lost 10 lbs and reshaped my body. Fitness is truly her passion and it shows in how she approaches her clients. She has a keen eye for imbalances and has helped me tremendously on some specific functional goals I’ve been working on such as my posture and push ups. She has been trained in many methods and can provide variety so that you don’t get bored. Most of all, she has a beautiful heart and will take your goals seriously!!


Lauren is a well versed fitness and functional nutritionist that truly creates custom plans of actions to produce the results each of her clients desire. She’s not only a picture of motivation but she is fully invested in the success of her clients and her skills and character place her at the top of her field.


Lauren is life changing as a coach & trainer! She is like a one stop shop for all of your needs when it comes to health and wellness. Where else can you find someone who looks at you from EVERY aspect, helps you manage it ALL and become healthier? Besides having an incredible heart and genuine spirit, she is incredibly knowledgable in fitness and training as well as being able to diagnose and treat numerous illnesses, ailments and diseases. She uses a whole body approach to assess, train, and coach you into becoming the best possible you. She just gets it!


After a visit with my doctor where I complained about the weight I had gained and how inactive I was working 9 hours a day at my desk without breaks to go for a walk, I received these phone calls from Truvanta. At first I’m thinking these are just more junk calls but they mentioned my doctor’s name, which caught my attention. So I listened to the sales pitch and debated and tormented myself before saying you know what? I can always try. I am the biggest skeptic out there. I quit everything. I get discouraged SUPER easily. Sarcasm is easily my best friend. Then I found out that ok, I get a health coach, cool! But that I had to video chat weekly with my coach. Which was almost a deal breaker. I am not the most social of people whether I am thin or chunky. Video chat? Really? I was NOT too thrilled about it. I’m sitting around at my lowest, feeling frumpy, large and like a big glob of failure. And here I am on my first video chat with Lauren. This stunning, super fit woman. In my head all I kept saying was“nope nope nope, this isn’t gonna work”, but she was kind. And understanding.

My 13 Week Truvanta Program with Lauren has quite literally changed my entire life and there are not enough words of gratitude to fully express what that means to me. This program has served me the biggest slice of humble pie I have ever needed. Never in my life did I think I would get to a point where I legitimately needed help with my health. The filters were peeled back from my eyes and I was given a chance to really take control and do something about it. A true lifestyle change. Not yo-yo dieting. Diets don’t work. The diet mindset is temporary. Connecting with Lauren showed me that. Yes, I was feeling awful about myself and then jealous and angry that I was sitting around talking to this healthy, and seemingly effortlessly fit woman. She talked me through and showed me, it’s NOT effortless. Not even for a health coach. And even health coaches (and anyone else who is incredibly fit) have days where they simply DON’T enjoy the amount of effort it takes to maintain that level of health and that lifestyle. Which for someone like me, hearing that was a HUGE relief.



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