Your Metabolic-Health Quiz

Complete the following 20 YES or NO questions to assess your body’s ability to…

Examining your foundational physiological capacity for things like digestion, energy fluctuations, sleep quality, hydration, movement output, and nutrient status intake can offer valuable insight into your wellness.


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Do you experience difficulty waking up and getting out of bed?
Do you often feel fatigued in the afternoon?
Do you suffer from insomnia or have poor sleep quality?
Is your blood pressure consistently high?
Do you frequently experience cravings for salty or sweet foods?
Have you ever engaged in binge eating episodes?
Do you become "hangry" or shaky between meals?
Have you ever experienced light-headedness if meals are delayed?
Do you ever feel tired after eating?
Do you have a constant sensation of thirst or experience frequent urination?
Do you wake up in the middle of the night?
Do you often crave caffeine?
Do you often notice a racing heart or palpitations?
Do you find it difficult to recover from workouts?
Do you get sick often or easily?
Do you experience PMS symptoms?
Do you have heavy or irregular menstruation?
Are you struggling with weight gain or weight loss resistance?
Do you frequently experience brain fog or sluggishness?
Are your cholesterol levels high?
Do you suffer from constipation?
Do you have stubborn body fat that is hard to lose?
Do you have to eat or snack every few hours?
Do you experience irritability and/or mood swings?
Do you have poor muscle tone?
Have you faced challenges with infertility?
Do you suffer from low libido?
Do you experience gas and/or bloating after eating?
Do you suffer from indigestion or heartburn?
Have you encountered skin issues such as rosacea, psoriasis, acne, etc.?

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