Why You Don’t Always Need Sunglasses

You’ve heard that sun exposure on your skin is necessary for vitamin D production… but did you know that direct sunlight in your eyes can also optimize your levels? Humans are getting less and less sunlight as we spend more time indoors and under fluorescent lights. Exposure to reduced-spectrum light (a topic for another day) is responsible reduced quality of life and so many health issues like inflammation and poor sleep! Most of us, when we step outside, shield our eyes with UV-protective sunglasses and our skin with sunscreen, so that we are not “damaged” by these harmful rays. Permission to live on the edge! Try to expose yourself to pure sunlight first thing in the morning. The eye’s photosensitive cells stimulates the brain’s hypothalamus, which regulates all of your nervous and hormonal system functions!

The benefits are endless:
1. Raw antioxidant power
2. Increased brain function
3. Enhanced mood and vitality
4. Hormonal regulation
5. Improved muscle function
6. Better sleep! (my favorite)

If you can’t get direct sunlight daily, I recommend swapping out your light bulbs to include full-spectrum light, or putting a sun lamp on your desk. SORAA makes a variety of lighting options for your home or office that provide all of the nature’s intended colors. Check out their products in my Amazon store! My favorite product is the “Healthy” 2-Pack A19 LED Dimmable Bulbs: https://amzn.to/2SjqO28