The Oura Ring

Meet my new best friend: THE OURA RING! This is the most advanced health tracker on the market right now, and one of the most exciting things to happen to me in 2018!

If you don’t plan on reading my entire post, at the very least check out my snapshot “trends” to see how my SLEEP and OVERALL HEALTH have vastly improved in just 8 weeks time!

Here are all the fascinating specs!

WHAT IT DOES: guides you to better performance, workout recovery and sleep!

HOW IT WORKS: Infrared LEDS, a body temperature sensor, accelerometer and gyroscope measure the following physiological functions:
– Heart Rate Variability, Respiratory Rate, Resting Heart Rate
– Sleep Cycles: Latency, REM, Deep, Wakeups
– Activity: Steps, Calories, Inactivity, Exercise Intensity

WHAT HAS CHANGED FOR ME: Just by simply being more aware (tracking & watching trends), my readiness, heart rate variability, sleep quality, and recovery quality have all improved SIGNIFICANTLY! I’m also holding myself accountable to all of the factors that i know help these scores. My average REM sleep is still less than ideal, but I have successfully raised the average duration from 3 minutes to over 20 min!

FYI: I am not being paid to share this information! I am genuinely ecstatic and grateful for this product and feel compelled to share with all of you!