Got Knee Pain?

GOT KNEE PAIN? Be your own detective and figure out WHY. It may be easier than you think! . Example: My knee starts clicking when I do full ROM squats! I know there are several anterior muscles that cross the knee joint, so I foam roll all of them and find out that my Vastus Medialis and my Adductors are suuuuupperrrr tight. . I know that if those muscles are overworking, my glutes are maybe not firing properly, or aren’t as strong as they need to be. The Gluteus Medius specifically needs a little more attention as a major stabilizer of the pelvis. Nobody wants DEAD BUTT SYNDROME. Yes that’s a real thing. . QUICK FIX: Resistance Band glute work! 1. Lateral Tube Walking: focus on external rotation through the hip, tracking the knees over the ankles, and keeping the hip points parallel. 2. Standing Isometric Hip Abduction: lift your knee to your end range of motion, keeping the same side hip down. 3. Quadruped Hydrants: lift your knee laterally as you keep both hip points facing the floor. 4. Clamshells: open and close, you the know the drill. Keep one hand on the top thigh for added support. . Using my favorite new bands from @athleema. Comes in a travel bag so you can do your booty work ANYWHERE you go!